Based on your requirements, associated design drawings and specific load data, Bexon can provide calculations for the design and ensure specifications are correct before proceeding.

The calculations, will specifically select the most suitable:

  • rail profile
  • Gantrail clip and spacing
  • resilient pad
  • soleplate
  • bolt specification

Our calculations can be a review of your design to evaluate suitability, or for a new structure. Through our calculations we will be able to assess and offer alternatives that are more economical if relevant.

Further guidance can be provided on:

  • diameter and length of holding down bolts
  • hold down bolt embedment length for horizontal and vertical forces
  • choice of soleplate style, length, width and thickness
  • soleplate levelling and bolting
  • requirements and best practice for clip spacing
  • coatings and corrosion protection

Our quality products and ongoing support and advice sets us apart from competitors.