Official Partner of Gantrail for Australia and New Zealand. Gantrail’s success and longevity in markets throughout the world ensures exceptional delivery of projects for our customers.

Our focus is to deliver the crane rail system in the required timeframe with the quality you expect, to achieve the life expectancy suitable to your environment.

At Bexon, we offer the complete Gantrail clip range, whether that be a welded base clip, a boltable clip, clips with a narrow footprint or systems incorporating the new Gantrail Re-levelling and Re-alignment system, offering both Vertical and Lateral adjustment.

Additionally, we supply Gantrail Mark2 and Gantrail Mark5 resilient pads, Mark7 Steel reinforced pads and Gantrail Mark8 Steel reinforced pads. We also provide manufactured soleplates and hold down bolts to suit.

Bexon work within the parameters provided and are flexible to suit all types of project or repair. We can offer options to expedite your order to meet your schedule. We will work closely with you to deliver our portion of your works, with the confidence of quality fit for purpose components, that all interface and work together to the specification provided.

Bexon have the expertise to support every element of a crane system. This includes product selection, design, supply, project management and ongoing support relating to the entire crane rail system. On completion, we provide certificates of conformance and complete material test certificates, to ensure quality documentation requirements are met.

Our specialist experience will be invaluable to the delivery of your project.

Industry Experience

The Bexon team have worked on projects in the following areas:

  • Mining – Stackers and Reclaimers
  • Mining – Shiploaders, trippers and shuttles
  • Bulk Ports – Shiploaders, Ship unloaders
  • Ship lift and Shipyards, cranes and cross over cranes
  • Steelworks – Gantry Cranes, ground mounted cranes
  • Smelters – Gantry Cranes, ground mounted cranes
  • Stadiums – retractable roof cranes
  • Container Ports – Ship to shore, long travel and cross travel cranes, ASC (Automatic Stacking Cranes)
  • Timber Mill – Gantry Cranes and Kilns
  • High bay warehousing
  • Water Treatment – Gantry Cranes
  • Desalination plants – Gantry Cranes
  • Intermodal – Cranes
  • Road and Tunnel Construction – Temporary rail mounted cranes
  • Oil & Gas – Gantry Cranes