Superb Gantrail Mark 8 pad released

Superb Gantrail Mark 8 pad released

Superb Gantrail Mark 8 pad released

The NEW Mark 8 pad is an evolution of the already proven and highly successful Mark 7 pad. The use of Gantrail Mark 8 Crane Rail Pad between a rail and its support substantially improves the performance of heavy duty crane tracks.

Cranes apply very high forces to the structures on which they are mounted. The pad significantly reduces the stress between the rail and its support.


    • Redesigned profile including a re-orientated flute pattern on its top surface.
    • The flutes or grooves now exit the sides of the pad so that as the flutes are reduced in size during loading, any fluid is pushed out carrying with it debris and other contaminants.
    • By orientating the flutes at an angle of 45 degrees, the resistance to lateral tearing induced by rotational forces from the rail, has also been vastly improved over the previous longitudinal flute design.
    • The pad is reinforced with a high strength steel strip to ensure high lateral stiffness and prevent movement from below the rail.

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of Gantrail Mark 8 steel reinforced resilient pad

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