Crane Rail Welding

Crane Rail Welding

Crane Rail Welding

Gantrail and Bexon promote the use of continuously welded crane rails. This is most important for the efficient and trouble free operation of your crane. Crane rails are typically of high carbon and alloy content and should only be welded following a qualified weld procedure. It is vital that the welder performing the work is fully trained, competent and qualified, to the specific procedure and the equipment being used to complete the weld.

Most Australian customers and sites utilise the aluminothermic weld process for crane rails. The aluminothermic weld process is a qualified procedure that provides a quality result when completed correctly.

Bexon can offer our fully qualified specialist crane rail welding teams to complete the welding. We also offer aluminothermic welding consumables from the European leaders in the industry. A crane rail is commonly considered to be a large and awkward section for welding, thus requiring a specialist to successfully complete the welding.

Our welders are qualified in both the Railtech and the Goldschmidt Thermit procedures. All welders are qualified to weld the complete range of rails from 15kg/m through to 221kg/m. We can weld in many locations including onshore or offshore, above or below ground.

Bexon can also offer puddle arc welding, this method it is not as widely used, nor as common in Australia, as in some other parts of the world.

It is critical for the longevity of the complete crane rail system, that the welding of crane rail is completed to a designated pre-qualified procedure and should only be undertaken by crane rail welding specialists.

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